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How Can Hospice Help:


    There are times when home is not the preferred option for a patient facing a terminal illness. Sometimes a patient needs more care than can be managed at home or symptoms require more intense management than a family caregiver can provide. Other times a patient's support system breaks down due to illness or accident, or friends and family who simply need a temporary respite from care giving. For these instances, Hospice of New York has Hospice Inpatient Units located conveniently throughout its service area.

    • Hospice Inpatient Unit provides services in partnership with the facility
    • Admissions are coordinated with the patient's doctor and the Hospice team
    • Well-coordinated patient care smoothes transfers to and from the unit and facilitates management of medications between home and inpatient settings
    • Personalized care based on in-depth knowledge of the patient and family's medical history.
    • Inpatient services are reimbursed by Medicare, NYS Medicaid and many private insurers and HMOs once specific clinical criteria are met.
    • Inpatient services are typically short-term. A stay in the inpatient unit is intended to stabilize symptoms that cannot effectively be managed in the homecare setting.
    • Services and room assignments are made without regard to race, color, creed, age, religion or national origin.

    The Hospice Team will coordinate whatever individualized services or therapies
    For more information about the Hospice Inpatient Unit, please call the Hospice office at:

    • Metro New York: (718) 472-1999 (Office)
    • Nassau County: (516) 222-1211 (Office)