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How Can Hospice Help:


    There are times when home is not the best option for a patient facing a terminal illness.

    Sometimes patients need more care than can be managed at home or symptoms require more intense management than family caregivers can provide.

    Other times a patient’s support system breaks down due to illness or accident, or family and friends simply need a temporary respite from the intensity of care giving. It is for times such as these that Hospice of New York has contracted to have Hospice Inpatient Units available at facilities throughout our five county service area.. These Hospice Inpatient Units provide the added benefits of exceptionally well-coordinated patient care.

    Working with the patient’s physician, Hospice supports a greater level of efficiency in transfers to and from the unit and better management of medications between the home and inpatient settings.

    Further, patients benefit from the personalized care that comes from a more in-depth knowledge of a patient’s family, personal likes and dislikes, symptoms and medical history and ultimately achieve better results based upon the goals of the inpatient stay.

    In addition to having a dedicated facility providing inpatient Hospice services, patients benefit from the advantages of being served by a dedicated Hospice staff. The staff of the Hospice Inpatient Unit is highly experienced in various disciplines and committed to meeting patients’ and families’ needs in keeping with the Hospice concept.

    Services will be provided by Hospice of New York regardless of a patient’s inability to pay.

    Services and room assignments are made without regard to race, color, creed, age, religion or national origin.

    For more information about the Hospice Inpatient Unit, please call the Hospice office at:

    • Metro New York: (718) 472-1999 (Office)
    • Nassau County: (516) 222-1211 (Office)