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Who Pays for Hospice:


    A Medicare beneficiary may elect to receive Hospice care for two 90-day benefit periods, followed by an undetermined number of 60-day benefit periods. The benefit periods may be used consecutively or at intervals. Regardless of whether the benefit periods are used consecutively or at different times, a Hospice Medical Director must certify the patient as appropriate for Hospice services at the beginning of each benefit period.

    If a patient chooses Hospice services and later changes his or her mind, that patient can easily revoke the Hospice service election and resume care under the Standard Medicare Benefits. Hospice services may be re-elected at any time in the future with the required certification.

    Benefit Payments
    Medicare pays Hospice directly on a per diem basis at a specified daily rate depending on the level of care provided. Hospices are, in turn, responsible for paying all costs related to the terminal condition.

    There are no co-payments, exclusions, add-on costs or denials and the patient will not receive a bill from Hospice. For questions or clarification about the Medicare Hospice Benefit, please call the Hospice office.